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Medical simulation has evolved from an educational afterthought to a clinical learning necessity. And in the new healthcare landscape, it’s become even more relevant for its ability to impact what we call the BIG 3 – safety, quality, and cost.

But as the adoption of medical simulation training has grown exponentially, the amount of associated data and information has exploded. Research shows that figure is doubling about every two years.

And worse, the information is fragmented across various devices, departments, sources, and systems.

Who We Are




Whether you’re running a single simulation event or thousands, EMS' SIMULATIONiQ uses the latest web-based technologies to simply and seamlessly capture, organize, analyze, and measure the full spectrum of your simulation efforts.

Working alongside subject matter experts, we serve as the driving force behind numerous consumer-centered innovations that continue to move the medical simulation software markets forward with breakthrough technologies. The results are tangible: greater visibility, usability, marketability, adaptability, scalability, measurement, and ROI.






An increasing number of hospitals and higher education institutions are using clinical simulation management technology to prepare learners for the rapidly-changing healthcare workplace.

A fully integrated audio-video and learning management platform gives you the ability to:

  Digitally capture a simulation session for debriefing and research

  Increase the safety and effectiveness of patient care through
       interdisciplinary training

  Improve effective communication among all members of the healthcare team





An EMS audio-video management system coupled with assessment and clinical simulation management makes it possible for you to master a particular operation or procedure through deliberate practice simulation in a safe environment. You can continue to practice, get feedback from instructors, and even self-evaluate until you feel comfortable with your skill level.

  Develop critical-thinking skills

  Learn to work as a team in an emergency

  Practice physical-assessment skills Build confidence in clinical performance


EMS has been the leading innovator of simulation training technology for more
than 20 years.