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Simulation-based training is the gold standard in clinical education. But the use of simulation dates back decades, to other high-stakes industries such as aviation (flight simulators) and the military (combat training).

The goal of all types of simulation is skill development for improved safety. The learner trains and learns from mistakes in a safe environment: at no point during a flight simulation is an actual plane in danger of crashing or causing passenger injuries due to pilot error, and likewise, the clinical learner using medical simulation can build assessment, diagnosis, critical thinking, and communication skills without ever jeopardizing the health and wellbeing of a real patient.










Patient safety has always been the mission of the clinical simulation movement. And since our founding in 1994, providing a safe environment for healthcare professionals to develop patient safety skills has been the mission of EMS. Our state-of-the-art technology makes simulation training even easier, from automated training sessions, to feature-rich, interactive tools in the simulation classroom and mobile solutions for in-situ training environments. EMS brings you the best collaborative innovation the industry has to offer – innovation has been written into our DNA for over 20 years.










With our fully-integrated simulation learning management system, EMS leads the industry in bringing innovation to medical training. And when that training moves beyond the classroom to a real-world environment, we're there with the resources you need to take training anywhere. Learners have the freedom to care for virtual patients anytime, anywhere; improve their cognitive skills; and achieve mastery in a web-based environment.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Our solutions are scalable, so you can connect all your learning environments, whether they're in the next building, the next town, or anywhere in the world.

And now, the innovation revolution continues – with web-based virtual simulation training – across all disciplines – across all continents. Discover what we're imagining for tomorrow!


EMS has been the leading innovator of simulation training technology for more
than 20 years.