News | 14-Jul-2017

The Capitol Hill Modeling and Simulation Expo took place in Washington, DC yesterday. It was a great day on the Hill! EMS reps educated representatives from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's and Senator Steve Daines' offices on the high value of medical simulation training for patient safety.

News | 12-Jul-2017

Michael S. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., revolutionized medical education around the world. He created Harvey, the world’s first cardiopulmonary patient simulator, and UMedic, an innovative computer- and web-based program, to train physicians, emergency responders and military personnel to save countless lives.

News | 26-Jun-2017

Join us for the free webinar "Enhancing IPE Through the Use of a Progressive Case," presented by: Gail Swarm, DO, Associate Professor, Chair - Department of Clinical Sciences; and Amy Holbrook, MS, Operations Manager -  Clinical Evaluation Center, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.

News | 22-May-2017

Education Management Solutions is proud to celebrate National EMS Week!

News | 10-May-2017

EMS is proud to celebrate National Nurses Week!

EMS has been the leading innovator of simulation training technology for more than 20 years.